Who is kat dating on victorious

04-Sep-2017 20:07

Jade finds this incredibly amusing and tries to make things awkward for Tori.

Awkwardness abounds as Tori tells Cat the truth about her and Daniel.

Among these distractions, Andre has to deal with his crazed grandmother, Beck is distracted by the jealousy of Jade, Cat is distracted by the special effects on her computer, and Tori is distracted by a fight between Trina and a little boy who keeps kicking her back seat.

8 October 2010The title happens to be Tori's old boyfriend, and she struggles to restrain her jealousy.

A few years later, she started to perform in Fort Lauderdale Children's Theater (FLCT).

Grande's hair is also naturally brown and curly, but was asked by creator Dan Schneider to dye her hair red because he didn't want a cast of all brunettes.

Tori is friends with Beck, Cat, Robbie and is the closest to Andre.

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In "The Breakfast Bunch," it is revealed that Tori can do archery with her feet.

Ariana also does popular impressions of people on her You Tube channel, including Shakira, Britney Spears, and others.

Cat's New Boyfriend is the 12th episode of Season 1 of Victorious. The episode premiered to 2.930 million viewers, the seventh-lowest amount of viewers for a Victorious episode. Robbie: [To Tori] Have you tried the hot cheese fountain?

Meanwhile, Trina is about to star in a Streisand-esque one-woman show that makes Legs Diamond look like Les Miserables, and demands that Robbie write a good review of her show on the school's website... 27 August 2010Tori and Trina are on a plane ride which is delayed, and keeps Tori from finishing a homework assignment for script writing class, so she agrees to work on the script through a video chat with the help of Beck, Andre, and Cat.

Unfortunateley, all end up facing distractions during the assignment.

Meanwhile Robbie suffers with his nagging grandmother's struggles to handle the internet and takes Cat along for moral support.

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