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The vast majority of people suspected of sexually attacking residents in one of the state's 2,300 nursing homes, assisted-living centers or other long-term care facilities are never arrested or prosecuted.What's more, the state rarely penalizes facilities.Entry into student living areas and bedrooms require a proximity access device and a key issued to you, the student, when you check in at the beginning of the year.A courtesy phone in a bright yellow box is located outside every residence hall entrance to allow guests to call residents from outside the hall to announce their arrival.Commonly, DHS investigators concluded that the alleged victims were unreliable witnesses because they had dementia or were heavily medicated.Many couldn't answer questions, though there were signs they had been assaulted.

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There is no K-12 equivalent to the federal law that requires colleges to track student sexual assaults, provide services to victims and devise prevention programs. To fill the void, technology companies have joined school districts, students and parents in trying novel approaches to curtail student-on-student attacks.Since 2005, state workers in charge of monitoring the safety of the elderly and disabled received at least 350 reports of possible sexual abuse, ranging from unwanted kissing to rape.