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25-Jul-2017 06:25

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Nearly 90% said they enjoyed the Singles onboard activities, including exclusive complimentary cocktail parties, theme nights, karaoke parties, and free dance classes.

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The only problem is most cruises to Puerto Rico come and go all too soon.If you’re single it’s possible to ditch that dating Web site, hop on a plane, head to the tropics and meet the love of your life.(No guarantee they’ll be runway models or hot hunks, though.) Singles have always had a hard time vacationing.Singles Cruise says it is the largest singles tour operator in the United States, and its website lists singles cruises to many locations, including Puerto Rico.

Singles cruises are listed on the home page of the site and are often available for booking a year in advance.“Customer feedback from our Singles cruise with in 2013 was overwhelmingly positive, and many cruisers asked for a ‘second date,’ so to speak, on an even larger scale,” said Jody Ryland, Vice President, Singles